Newbanks is One of the Top-Rated Commercial Construction Consulting Firms in New Orleans

Newbanks is One of the Top-Rated Commercial Construction Consulting Firms in New Orleans

If you’re about to commence on a new construction project, you’re probably aware that there are certain requirements and responsibilities you need to fill. Working with a construction consultant makes this much easier. Newbanks is a firm with over 50 years of experience and trusted property condition consultants who can provide you with expert analysis.

As a leader in construction consulting, Newbanks can ensure that your project is completed with quality workmanship. In addition to our construction monitoring and bank inspector services, we can assist you with the planning and projecting phases of your project. We recognize that you need more from a construction consultant than just planning, which is why we are one of the few construction consulting firms in New Orleans that provides consistent updates to our clients as part of our customer service model.

Why You Need Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Companies in New Orleans

Due diligence reports are non-negotiable if you want to make sure your construction project in New Orleans is a success. Due diligence for commercial real estate in New Orleans helps you ensure your project is safe and viable. We offer a range of due diligence services at Newbanks, including phase 1 environmental site assessment.

In addition to our Phase 1 ESA in New Orleans, we offer a high-quality cost-to-complete analysis to assist you in planning your project. The document & cost review process is crucial if you want to make sure your project is a success – this is the primary purpose of the property condition assessment. We can also help you assess your construction & commercial real estate assets at any stage of the project.

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