Lender Representation Services

Keep your finger on the pulse of your project with Newbanks’ in-depth oversight.

Every construction project is unique; that’s why we offer an enhanced version of our monthly project monitoring service. In construction, many things can happen that indicate that lenders need to have enhanced control. If things aren’t progressing according to plan, costs rise dramatically, or a construction manager goes out of business, you need boots on the ground to make it right.

For those projects that require more intense oversight, Newbanks provides an in-depth monitoring service that is tailored to the needs and concerns of the lender. When risk is high, you need to closely monitor quality and progress. Whether you need a representative on the jobsite on a weekly or daily basis, the skilled professionals at Newbanks can help keep your building on track.

  • Subcontractor backup requisitions and invoices
  • Buyout log with subcontractor agreements
  • Requisition AIA G702/G703 documents
  • Stored materials documentation
    (if applicable to draw)
  • Contingency expenditure logs
  • Drawing status and updates
  • Submittal logs (if available)
  • Loan milestone schedules
  • RFI log (if available)
  • Change order logs
  • Lien waivers
  • Deposit requests
  • Manpower reports
  • Stored materials logs
  • Building permits (if available)
  • Meeting minutes (if available)
  • Outstanding violations search
    (to be completed by Newbanks)
  • Updated construction schedules
  • Certificate of occupancy (if available)
  • Value engineering and scope of work changes
  • Independent testing agency reports and inspections

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