Construction Consultant

Construction Consultant

Newbanks is a construction consultant to the nation's leading banks and lending institutions. With over 50 years of industry experience, we offer expert analysis, integrity, and consistency with the information we give to ensure the success of your properties and projects.

Pre-Construction Cost Review & Analysis

We work for lending institutions in their process of underwriting loans to help them identify and manage any risks with their construction projects. As a part of our pre-construction cost review & analysis, we conduct comprehensive reviews and report our opinions on the feasibility of the project to the lending organization.

We come to this conclusion after conducting an extensive study on the project drawings, specifications, environmental assessment, surveys, and geotechnical reports, etc. We also analyze the budget risks, if any, by using accounting tools like cost analysis through our extensive construction cost database. We take into account the soft and hard costs, their completeness, and legitimacy to come to an accurate conclusion. Call us today to have our expert construction consultant to evaluate the suitability of your projects.

Should I get a lead paint inspection?

The Federal government strictly prohibits the use of lead paint for residential and commercial painting. This law is in motion since 1978. If your home dates back before 1978 or if you have children below the age of 6, it is highly important to test your home for lead. Lead can cause irreplaceable damage to your children's health.

Children are in great danger for exposure to lead in the form of dust, paint, or soil when they play. The FDA requires all landlords and sellers to conduct a lead paint inspection to rule out any concerns. Even small traces of lead are dangerous for children, developing fetus and pregnant ladies. You may also risk exposure to lead if your house is close to a freeway or a busy road. The soil in your property might have traces of lead gasoline and its exhaust. Call us to schedule an asbestos or a lead paint assessment for your house.

How much do lead paint inspections cost?

For Lead paint inspection, we usually use an X-ray fluorescence analyzer. This device helps us detect lead paint or other traces of lead several layers below your exterior wall, ceiling, and floors. After a complete analysis, our inspector will send a lead paint inspection report, giving you precise details on the areas in your home that contain lead paint.

This report will not detail on the condition of the lead paint or if whether the soil or dust in your property contains lead. The average cost for a basic lead paint inspection can range from $350 to $500. This price is for a house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Our areas of specialization include almost all domains from hospitality, commercial, education to healthcare. Call us today for a consultation with our expert construction consultant. With over nine regional offices, Newbanks is the country’s leading Construction and property condition consultants.

Construction Consultant
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Construction Consultant