Construction Consultants

Construction Consultants

Newbanks is the #1 construction consultants in the country with over nine regional offices and more than five decades of industry experience. We offer comprehensive reports for environmental assessment phase 1 and Asbestos and Lead Paint Assessment, among other services.

What is a phase one environmental assessment?

We offer ESA service for real estate holdings where we identify existing and potential environmental contaminations and liabilities and present them to our client in the form of a report. In this evaluation, we analyze the underlying land along with addressing the property's physical improvements if any.

We assess the impact of current or a historic property on the soil and groundwater and analyze if whether they pose any threats to the environment and human health. The report will point out the issues, if any, and present them as potential liabilities for the owner. We conduct ESA on all types of properties such as vacant lands, multi-family residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial properties. Our reports are in consistence with ASTM E1527-13. Call us to schedule a site visit.

Phase I Environmental Report Cost

The average cost of Phase I Environmental Assessments can cost you anywhere from $1,300 up to $5,000 or more depending upon the size of your property. We recommend not to opt for extremely cheap reports as they can lack quality and credibility. For residential, commercial, vacant, and small-sized industrial facilities, the Phase I ESA report can cost between $2,000 and $4,000 approximately.

Some of the variables and specifics that determine the cost of your Phase 1 ESA include the location of the property, travel costs of your ESA inspector and other physical features of the property. We prepare our Phase 1 ESA report as per the ASTM standards. However, should you need a report on other non-scope items outside the ASTM standards, our construction consultants will do it for you at an additional cost. Call us right away to get a quote on Phase 1 ESA for your property.

What is the difference between a Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessment?            

The primary difference is the scope of work between Phase I and Phase II site assessment.

  • Phase 1 ESA assesses a site for contaminations using historical use reviews, visual observations, and interviews with current owners and occupants
  • Phase II ESA evaluates contamination in a site through lab tests and thorough inspection

An ESA consultant will review records to find out if whether the property was ever in use for hazardous purposes in his Phase 1 ESA. On the contrary, your ESA consultant will conduct lab tests on your property's soil and water and compare it with state and federal regulations and guidelines to assess its suitability as a part of Phase II ESA.

Get in touch with our team at Newbanks for all construction-related services. Our team of highly astute construction consultants works diligently on every case to ensure the profitability of your project. We also equip you with all the important information to help achieve outstanding results.

Construction Consultants
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Construction Consultants