Construction Consulting Due Diligence

Construction Consulting Due Diligence

Before executing any real estate project or property construction, it is vital to perform due diligence. This can range from site inspection to an in-depth review of documentation, insurance policies, and so forth. For your construction consulting due diligence, always turn to our trusted experts at Newbanks. We specialize in providing construction consulting services to individuals, businesses, and corporate agencies.

For over 50 years, Newbanks have provided construction consulting due diligence services to the primary lending institutions in the nation. During this period, we have reviewed numerous commercial real estate construction projects, worth many billions of dollars. No matter how capital intensive your commercial real estate construction can be, we are the ideal company to turn to for consulting and due diligence. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

What is Construction Due Diligence?

Construction due diligence is the assessment of potential asset risks associated with a construction process. This is a veritable way to safeguard your assets and avoid future risks. In the construction of a project who executes it is just as important as the resources mobilized for it.

At Newbanks, we will help you in making due filling if your construction right from the selection of builder to the budget creation and materials selection. The contractor will be meant to adhere to the parameters that suit your requirements.

Why is Construction Consulting Due Diligence Required?

Below are some reasons that make construction consulting due diligence necessary.

Payment of Receivables

Inability to pay contractors receivables can hamper work progress and supply of materials. Construction consulting due diligence avails one of the knowledge and alternatives of providing materials and necessary resources that give the contractor an edge in accomplishing the project.

Know More about Your Contractor

The ability of your contractor to absorb every detail about your upcoming project construction is key to getting it done satisfactorily. Contractors ears are powerful tools that influence the overall success of the project certain questions are posed during due diligence to ensure that your contractors are sharing the same idea and perception with you.

Ask them how they communicate with clients during the construction process, what you have to contribute at each phase of the project to keep it going, the materials and information needed to make an accurate bid.


Construction due diligence enables you to understand your constructor's delivery time. Many bids from contractors underestimate cost and delivery time. As far as business is concerned, the time for the completion of the building is important. Ensure that the contractor's delivery time is realistic and not a gimmick to get onboard. Failure of getting the building ready behind the timeline may not bode well for business.

Assessing the risks associated with a building is done more efficiently with a company that offers Due Diligence services. At Newbanks, we are a leading institution in the well-detailed construction consulting due diligence services to many organizations make well-informed decisions.

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Construction Consulting Due Diligence
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Construction Consulting Due Diligence