Construction Consulting Firms

Construction Consulting Firms

There is an ever-increasing amount of documentation for construction projects. Hiring construction consulting firms can save you time and effort in reviewing and monitoring your projects. New Banks offers you a range of construction-related services, ranging from lender representation, cost estimations to monthly project monitoring.

What does a construction consultancy firm do?

Construction consultancy firms assist companies or individuals with various aspects of construction projects. They provide clients with guidance and comprehensive information (such as cost, time to complete, etc.) so that they can make informed decisions. They could, for example, provide due diligence services like property condition assessment or other services related to construction projects.

They could also assist clients regarding lending decisions by offering services like private equity representation. Their job is to provide complete information about construction projects, to help lenders make informed decisions.

Construction consultants will support clients during unexpected funding issues, requiring loan modifications, for example. They will carry out complete due diligence assessments to reveal any potential risks or hidden costs. Plus, you may experience funding issues when the project loses its primary source of financing. In that case, construction consulting firms will help clients secure additional financing.

Where to find the best consulting firms

We have regional offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Dallas, Orlando, Raleigh, Washington, D.C, Boston, and New York. We also have field offices in Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Pensacola, Nashville, San Antonio, St. Louis and Mobile. So, you can contact our office that is nearest to you.

We also cater to clients from a multitude of industrial sectors, including higher education, culture, gaming, luxury residential, hospitality, and retail clients. We've accumulated more than five decades of experience serving all kinds of clients from these various industries. Thanks to our breadth of experience, we are confident that we can assist you with any hurdle that comes your way, regardless of your industry and background.

The best construction consulting services

We offer our clients a vast, diverse array of services that could group into due diligence, construction-related, and other specialty services related to construction projects. Our due diligence services include documentation and cost reviews, property condition assessments, and cost to complete analysis. We review documents such as plans and specifications, construction budgets, geotechnical reports, and construction contracts to help lenders make sensible lending decisions.

We provide construction-related services such as monthly project monitoring and lender representation. Our firm will perform regular site observations to evaluate construction progress and to ensure the project adheres to the original plans, specifications, and relevant building codes. We review things like loan milestone schedules, building permits, stored materials documentation and logs, contingency expenditure log, and lien waivers.

Additionally, we provide specialty services relating to things like loan modifications, workouts, and private equity representation. If there are issues with funding, we can conduct detailed due diligence to secure new funding.

There are numerous regulations and practices surrounding new construction projects, and it can be time-consuming to manage them all. Construction consulting firms like New Banks do all the hard work so that you can make well-informed decisions in your projects.

Construction Consulting Firms
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Construction Consulting Firms