Cost to Complete construction Analysis

Cost to Complete construction Analysis

It is paramount to have reliable estimates of the cost of construction. The economic impact of a project will depend on proper financing and execution of the stipulated plan. The financial result of a project will determine whether the project was a profit or loss. Hiring Newbanks to calculate the cost to complete construction analysis will save your investment for the long run.

Definition of cost analysis in construction

It is an analysis that defines how a construction company is using its money on resources, supplies, and labor. The report will indicate if the payment is in proper use. Newbanks will break down the job into phases, to pinpoint the activities that may be sucking away the money.

What is the purpose of a construction cost analysis?

The result of this analysis will reconcile the expenses for a proper construction timeline. The construction team will often identify faulty parts of a project through instinct and accumulated knowledge.

We provide you with hard data on how well the different components of the system work within the budget. You will make an educated decision on how to redistribute the resources of the project.

What do we need to execute the analysis?

  • The measurement specifications of the building
  • Agreements with the contractor, designer, architectural body and utility service providers
  • Inspection and compliance reports from third parties
  • Milestones on the construction
  • The cost to complete construction analysis

What is the procedure for construction analysis?


The first step involves listing all the costs of the project. Here are a few of the most costs:

  • Indirect damages
  • Hard and soft costs
  • Cost of rectifying potential risks
  • Cost of opportunity


The second stage is to compare each of the charges against the tangible result. The data will give you the benefit of the project and the viability of completing the construction. You have a green light to continue the work if the benefits outweigh the cost.

You will need to take a different path if the costs outweigh the benefit. This solution will include new planning to reduce either the price or timeline of construction.


It is more important to note that more significant construction projects may have a hidden cost to complete construction analysis. These include the following:

  • Uncertain interest rates
  • Possible inflation
  • Availability or unavailability of quality labor
  • Fluctuating price of construction materials

The good news is that Newbanks has analysis models that fit larger construction projects. The method used to analyze the project is not essential, as long as there is a detailed report on the impact of the present plan. The staff of the concerned construction firm should be able to clarify the enlisted quotes and reconcile the findings for better results.

Why Newbanks?

Business is always better with a company that has more years of experience and proven success. We have almost six decades of analyzing projects in real estate and construction. Our staff maintains a robust adherence to integrity and understand that the accuracy of the report is the foundation of success.

Cost to Complete construction Analysis
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Cost to Complete construction Analysis