Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment

Newbanks is one of the premier construction/property condition consultants across the country with nine regional offices. We offer investigative services such as document and cost review, property condition reports, and facility condition assessment, among other services.

Is FCA important?

When you get on a project without an FCA report, there are chances for you to lack accurate data in terms of budget and capital requirements for the project. You may proceed with experience and do things on guesswork, which can be quite risky, especially when a project involves a lot of money.

Our FCA reports are at par with the guidelines laid out by the ASTM Uniformat II classification system. Our facility condition assessment report emphasizes on both the physical and the financial analysis of your facility. In this context, FCA acts as an audit of your properties and buildings. FCA offers you the perfect window to understand and look into the root causes of damages and can give you a clear perspective on your asset's replacement value.

Process of FCA

Our FCA process is a combination of data sources and information. We conduct the assessment with careful observation, visual reviews, interviews, documents, records, surveys of users, and management and operator evaluations. After gathering our initial data from various sources, we follow these steps to carry out an FCA successfully:

  • We reach the property site with a team that has at least one engineer, architect and a couple of skilled-trade technicians
  • We collect significant data from field visits, reviewing documents, interviews, observations, and testing
  • We analyze the data and figure out estimations, costs and summarize statistically for easier presentation and understanding of the client
  • We compile the end-user report based on the above four steps, after which the report undergoes a peer review. This step rules out any discrepancies and ensures 100% accuracy of our report.
  • Finally, we present the report to our client, and explain and clarify all aspects that may be unclear.

FCA reports can be time-sensitive and are not valid after a certain period. We recommend our clients to maintain an up-to-date record of their FCA reports on properties. FCA reports are most rewarding when they are subject to adjustments and regular upgrades according to changes in technologies and other circumstances.

What is FCA?

FCA is an assessment of a building or property's condition with regards to its design, age, construction quality, and quality of its raw materials, etc. Usually, architects and engineers are the right people to carry out a professional FCA. Our FCA team will prepare a comprehensive report after a series of analysis which includes both walk-through inspection and mathematical modeling techniques.

After collecting walk-through data, our team will work on computing estimates for correcting the discrepancies. We finally present our report to the client in a useful format for easy understanding. For facility condition assessment services, get in touch with us today. At Newbanks, we assign our best architects, engineers, and technicians for the job.

Facility Condition Assessment
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Facility Condition Assessment