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flooring store Hollywood

flooring store Hollywood

Thanks to the technological evolutions, the vinyl has returned to stay regarding of floors coating options. Nowadays it is back in fashion, providing the people who install it with beautiful, highly customizable, and lasting environments.

Global Hardwoods distributes the top line of this product, luxury vinyl flooring (LVT). It is a product that has an authentic appearance to wood, but that maintains the versatility and advantages of a synthetic floor.

This material allows you to achieve top quality decorations in your home and is an outstanding option concerning the budget. It is essential to know what other characteristics LVTs have so that you can consider it as an option for your remodeling or construction project.

5 Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT)

  1. Easy to Install

An installer can place this type of surface, but if you are a DIY enthusiast and want to undertake the project on your own, it will also be perfect. This material can be placed directly on the previous surface, which avoids the costs of removal.

Also, this surface fits perfectly to difficult places such as corners, allowing full coverage of the space, in a short time and with a competitive budget. Global Hardwood, the best flooring store near Hollywood puts at your disposal our technical advice so that you can carry out your installation successfully.

  1. It is the Customizable Option by Excellence

There are thousands of designs, patterns, colors, textures, and finishes in this material. This will indeed allow you to print your brand to the spaces in your home. You can choose different layouts of imitation wood, and put a different style in each area of the house. Also, unlike the options made with natural products, this surface can be used without fear of humidity in areas such as the bathroom, kitchen or terrace.

  1. Excellent Quality

You have to remember that it's not just vinyl, it's LVT (luxury vinyl). A stabilizing layer helps the product to be firmly installed on the flat surface. Then there is the design part, for which HD photographs are used that allow a dramatic realism. Finally, there is the overlay, with technologies that provide additional strength and reduced maintenance.

  1. It's Very Comfortable

The cushioning provided by the luxury vinyl surfaces allow a comfortable ride, much softer than other surfaces such as tiles or marble. Also, this material loses its temperature slowly, which prevents the unpleasant sensations of a cold floor.

  1. Easy to Maintain

This surface is one of the easiest to maintain in the market. With just a damp cloth and some soft product and your luxury vinyl floor will look like newly installed. It is also the most resistant to any liquid spill.

Global Hardwoods Has the Best LVT for Your Home.

The best flooring store near Hollywood offers you a wide variety of luxury vinyl, as well as other wood options such as laminates, solid wood, and engineered wood. We are the most experienced company in California, and we offer you the best quality options.

Also, we have for you the best price guaranteed in the region, and we can also assume up to 50% of your shipping costs. We are in Los Angeles, just 15 minutes from you, come and discover the wonders we have for you.

flooring store Hollywood
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flooring store Hollywood
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flooring store Hollywood