Property Condition Report

Property Condition Report

At Newbanks, we provide property condition report solutions for both commercial needs and lending institutions. Before visiting your site, we will send a questionnaire to the property's management team or the owners to gather background information about the property.

What is PCA?

We conduct property condition assessment generally for lending institutions and present an accurate report as per the guidelines of ASTM E2018. During this assessment, our consultants and building inspectors will assess the property to evaluate the condition of the property.

After a compressive and astute analysis, we will present in our report an immediate repairs table and a replacement reserve table. These details in our report help our clients understand the exact condition of the property and its impact on the property's financial performance. Call us to schedule a property condition assessment.

How much does a PCA report cost?

We advise buyers to get a PCA report from a professional before closing a deal on a property (be it commercial or residential). We precisely estimate intricate details such as costs of repair, maintenance costs, and other significant quantitative details with the building in our property condition report.

The average cost that you may incur for a property condition assessment by a professional can range from $500 to $10,000. The price of the evaluation depends on factors such as the scope of the appraisal, property location, travel expenses of the PCA professional, age and type of the property, etc. Call us to get a PCA quote for your property.

What are a plan and a cost review?

As a team of leading construction consultants, we offer top-notch document and cost review to our clients from all domains. We come to a rational conclusion by conducting a thorough analysis of the feasibility of the project. We analyze aspects such as:

  • Drawings and specifications
  • Environmental assessment report
  • Surveys and geotechnical reports
  • Construction agreements
  • Design and third-party consulting agreements
  • Construction schedules

We also foresee hidden budget risks using tools like cost analysis and our construction cost database. We compute soft and hard cost budgets to assess the legitimacy and suitability of the project. Call us for a document and cost review on a particular property.

Pre-construction planning costs

The initial planning phase where you determine the scope of the project, budget, schedule, and other important aspects to complete a construction job is called the pre-construction stage. Pre-planning in construction saves a lot of time, money, and avoids chaos. This stage can take a couple of weeks to months, depending upon the scope of the project.

We provide professional pre-planning cost and review service to help you save time and money that you spend in a construction project. The cost we charge for this service varies depending upon the scope, scale, and location of the project. The average cost for this service generally ranges from 1% to 3% of the total project cost.

At Newbanks, we support our clients in taking safe and profitable decisions. We are experts in compiling the most accurate property condition report for our clients. Call us today to know more about our services

Property Condition Report
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Property Condition Report